The Guide

Soil Contamination and Urban Agriculture:
A practical guide to soil contamination issues for individuals and groups

This guide was written as a primer on soil contamination, as it relates to gardening in an urban setting. It seeks to provide individual gardeners or community groups with the necessary background information to address this issue. There are several important aspects of soil contamination which are addressed in this guide, including the dangers of gardening in contaminated soil, the potential sources of contamination, ways to evaluate the level of contamination present in the soil, and the options for addressing the problem. Anyone interested in the current state of brownfield remediation for community groups practicing urban agriculture should read this guide. Topics include:

  • What are the dangers of soil contamination for urban agriculture?
  • What are some sources of soil contamination?
  • What levels of soil contamination are acceptable for urban agriculture?
  • How can the level of contamination be evaluated?
  • Determining land use history
  • What options are available to address soil contamination?
  • Physical remediation techniques
  • Biological remediation techniques
  • Non-remediation options
  • Subsidies

Download Soil Contamination and Urban Agriculture as a PDF file(609k).

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