Our Client

Eco-initiatives is a grassroots organization incorporated in 1997 to address social and environmental issues in Montreal's Notre-Dame-de-Grace area. Eco-initiatives focus on building neighbourhood solidarity and community food security through working with residents, community groups, social services and local schools.

With a dual focus on environmental education and socially-driven gardening, projects initiated by Eco-initiatives bring people together, develop skills and confidence, green our city, and make high quality organic food accessible for everyone.

Our client is interested in remediating contaminated urban sites for the purpose of establishing community gardens.

2100 Marlowe Suite 142
Montreal QC, H4A 3L6
Telephone: (514) 484 0223
Fax: (514) 484 4277
Web site: http://www.cam.org/~ecoini/english/about.html
Email: ecoini@cam.org

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